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Hurricanes Finish Up: Select Brendan Woods, Collin Olson, and Brendan Collier

The Carolina Hurricanes dipped into the goalie pool again in the 6th round, selected a 20 year old forward in the 5th round, and finished the draft by drafting a Boston area forward with their final pick.

Brendan Woods, son of former Washington coach Bob Woods, was selected 129th overall. Woods was draft eligible in 2010 but was not drafted, probably due to his broken leg. He played at the University of Wisconsin last season and led the team with 67 penalty minutes. He is listed at 6'3, 200 lbs.

Collin Olson was selected in the 6th round, 159th overall. Olson was the 9th rated goalie in ISS but gained ground later in the season. He is a big goalie, 6'3.5, says that he uses his body well, and compares himself to Pekka Rinne. Olson is committed to Ohio State next season. Tony MacDonald was surprised the goalie was still available here and they grabbed him.

Brendan Collier was selected 189th overall. The forward played in high school in Massachusetts last season and is committed to Boston University. He was rated as the 143rd best skater in North America.