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Free Agency Day 2 - Open Thread

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Day 1 of free agency has come and gone and the Carolina Hurricanes have recycled a former player. Not Ray Whitney, who signed a two year deal with the Dallas Stars for $9M. No, the Canes have brought back Joe Corvo on a one year $2M deal with a no trade clause.

General Manger Jim Rutherford made a strong push for both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. Both players as of now remain unsigned, but JR did mention late yesterday that he has heard from the Parise camp that the Carolina Hurricanes are not on Parise's short list. Both players are expected to decided on which team to sign with today. Once those two sign it is expected that the proverbial dominoes will begin to fall and the pace of player signings and trades will escalate.

With holes still left to fill and money still left to spend what moves do you think the Carolina Hurricanes will look to make today? Where will Zach Parise and Ryan Suter ultimately end up? Are the Canes legitimate players in the Rick Nash sweepstakes? Stop by and comment. The floor is open.