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Free Agency Frenzy Day 4 Open Thread


Today, we may finally be able to celebrate our independence from PariseWatch. Word out this morning is that Zach Parise is likely to sign a deal today. SuterWatch will definitely come to an end as Ryan Suter's agent has confirmed via twitter that Suter will sign a deal today. The big question: will these deals get done before the fireworks start on the east coast? Given how things have gone, I'd say it's even money.

We saw a few interesting signings yesterday. Perhaps none more unexpected than Jaromir Jagr signing a one year deal worth $4.55M with the Dallas Stars. No one had Jagr linked to the stars. Question for the Canes fans, if Jagr was willing to sign in Dallas for $4.55M would he have signed in Carolina for the same money? If he would have, did JR miss an opportunity to add a top 6 forward, or are you happy that Jagr won't be putting on the sightless eye come October?

Stop by and leave a comment on these or any other topic. Today, we celebrate our Independence day! Lets just hope it doesn't take Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum to bring an end to PariseWatch!