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Hurricanes Players Practice in NHLPA #ThePlayers Jerseys

Jamie Kellner

Twelve Carolina Hurricanes players sported a new look at Raleigh Center Ice today when they took the ice in NHLPA jerseys. The jerseys are black or white with an opposite color NHLPA logo and feature a #ThePlayers twitter hashtag on front and back.

According to a tweet from forward Anthony Stewart, the jerseys arrived today.

Raleigh Center Ice is the official Hurricanes practice facility, and in-town players have continued to skate there since the NHL lockout began on Sunday. Players are not allowed to use the official Hurricanes locker room or other facilities, so they are carrying gear back and forth and are dressing in the public locker areas.

Twelve players skated Friday: Patrick Dwyer, Tim Gleason, Jay Harrison, Chad LaRose, Andreas Nodl, Justin Peters, Joni Pitkanen, Eric Staal, Jared Staal, Jordan Staal, Anthony Stewart, and Cam Ward. Joe Corvo was not on the ice but has participated in previous skates this week.

At this time, the players have ice time reserved at Raleigh Center Ice at 10:30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and plan to continue their practices, depending on circumstances surrounding ongoing CBA negotiations.

Training camp was originally scheduled to start today but all preseason activities through September 30 were cancelled by the NHL on Wednesday.

Chip Alexander of the News and Observer has a few comments from the players in his story on the Canes Now blog.

I have a few photos posted after the jump and more in an album on flickr.

Photos from today's Carolina Hurricanes player practice at Raleigh Center Ice (my photos, all rights reserved):

Jordan Staal


Cam Ward


Tim Gleason


Eric Staal showing the #ThePlayers hashtag on the back of the NHLPA jersey.