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Captain Eric Staal's Message to Carolina Hurricanes Fans

On the eve of the commencement of a lockout-shortened season, Captain Eric Staal apologizes to Hurricanes fans for lockout frustrations and pledges his ongoing commitment on the ice and in the community.

Snapshot of today's News and Observer full page ad from Eric Staal.
Snapshot of today's News and Observer full page ad from Eric Staal.
Jamie Kellner

Today's print version of the Raleigh News and Observer featured a pull-out season preview of the Carolina Hurricanes in anticipation of tomorrow's start of the NHL regular season. The online version of the season preview can be found on the N&O's Canes sports page here.

On the last page of the preview, readers found the attached full-page ad message from Hurricanes captain Eric Staal, transcribed here in its entirety.

As an athlete, there is something very special about hearing the roar of your home crowd. I’ve been lucky enough to hear my home fans during a Stanley Cup Final and an All-Star Game. And it’s hearing your voices that I missed the most during the lockout. On behalf of my Carolina Hurricanes teammates, I am sorry for the frustration caused to you by the work stoppage.

We are focused on winning back your support, through commitment on the ice and in the Triangle community. While I can’t guarantee a win every night, I can say that our team will hustle for every face off, every goal and every game.

I am proud to call North Carolina my home, an I want to give you every reason to be proud of your hometown team. I want to give you a reason to roar again.

Thank you for your support.

Eric Staal

Captain, Carolina Hurricanes