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Quick Takes: Rutherford, Karmanos, Other News Bytes

Jim Rutherford speaks up about fighting, Peter Karmanos still calling the shots, Canes 4rth youngest team in NHL

Fighting is still in the news
Fighting is still in the news
Richard Wolowicz

Here are a few links pointing you to recent news in case you missed them:

Jim Rutherford says if you want to watch fighting, go to a boxing match

First up, Jim Rutherford chimed in yesterday and joined the fighting debate. The general manager wants fighting out of the game. First, he was quoted by Darren Dreger, along with Steve Yzerman and Ray Shero.

Some GM's say it's time to lose fighting

Then he was on TSN Drive and talked a bit more about his feelings.

Jim Rutherford on TSN Drive


Peter Karmanos is in town

Peter Karmanos attended the "We love the Hurricanes" lunch event yesterday and Chip Alexander caught up with him. Carolina's owner is very optimistic about the coming season and once again affirms that the team is not for sale.

Karmanos Plans To Keep Running Hurricanes


Canes are young, short, and fat?

Every year, James Mirtle gathers all the height, weight, and age stats from each team in the league and runs a comparison chart. In the past years, the Hurricanes have shown up as one the shortest, if not the shortest, team in the league. The team has gotten bigger, but this year is not too much different than the past. But what is perplexing is that according to his results, they appear to be one of the heaviest teams in the league as well.

They rate as the fourth youngest at 26.9 years, the sixth shortest at an average of 73 inches, (although fractions of an inch separate clubs) and they are the 10th heaviest team in the league with an average of 205.1.

New Jersey is the oldest team with an average age of 30.3. Tampa Bay is the tallest at 74.2, and Los Angeles is the heaviest team with an average weight of 209.8.

The Canes are shorter than the average of 73.3 inches and heavier than the average of 203.7

Check out the numbers here:

NHL Teams by height, weight, and age


Welcome back Patrick Roy

The Avs-Ducks game was pretty exciting last night, at least between the coaches if you did not like the 6-1 score. Patrick Roy went after Bruce Boudreau through the glass. That's something you don't see very often, although if you were around to watch Roy on the ice when he played, the goalie always had a temper.

Puck Daddy has the report.

Patrick Roy not happy with Bruce Boudreau


New NHL Scoreboard

Finally, SB Nation made an improvement that we are happy about at Canes Country. Directly under the primary photos at the top of our page, you will notice a new "Scoreboard" feature. Click the link and it will take you to a scoreboard page, with all the most recent hockey scores. You can navigate from day to day to check on each date's scores.

Then simply click on any specific team to go directly to that team's blog to check on the game report or other team news.

NHL Scoreboard