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Fort Bragg Ice Rink Being Closed

Cleland Ice Rink a victim of sequestration

Justin Peters on Military Appreciation Day
Justin Peters on Military Appreciation Day

I was informed today by Defending the, a charitable non-profit organization that promotes hockey to the children of the military, that Cleland Ice Rink, the rink used by the soldiers and families at Fort Bragg, would be closed at least through the summer due to sequestration cuts.

The following quote is from Shane Hudella, the President and Founder of Defending the Blueline.

"This is a big deal to the mission we conduct. Help us get it out there and we will make a difference for about 20,000 military members, many of which are our nation's elite from the Special Operations Command. This will be the single largest impact our organization will make to date for the military community."

The rink is advertised as being a profitable entity and is self supporting.

Defending the Blueline has started a petition and they are asking for support. If you would like to sign up or want to know more about it, check out the following link.

Keep Cleland Ice Rink Open for the children of our National Heroes

We have members of Canes Country at Fort Bragg and of course there are many Hurricanes fans there. We wish them luck.