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Canes Country Playoff Pick-Em: Round 2

Eight teams have gone home. Eight are left. Make your picks now for who will move on to the conference finals.


So, everyone who picked the Bruins in 7 totally had them coming back from a 3-goal deficit in the third period of game 7 to win, right?

First, here are the standings right now:

CaniacChica: 15
Corey S: 15
PittsburghCaniac: 14
Patrick Clarke: 12
formersaint: 11
Jamie: 11
mburgess00: 11
b.axeman: 10
Bgallen: 10
rabidwolf123: 10
anonymousJ: 9
caniac97: 9
Cory L: 9
PackPride17: 9
Shrilnixx: 9
ctlentz: 8
eburges1: 8
Incipient_Senescence: 8
Cathye: 7
GoCanes77: 7
lsleblanc82: 7
ASU-: 5
Bob: 5
CruelIn10tions: 5
Hockeydog: 5
keebler elf: 5
ltd2point0: 5
Brian: 5
Kram170: 4
Sara James: 4
CoastalCane: 3
Limelon: 3
RobbinDollar: 3
hotchipsnsalsa: 2

And now, it's time for you to pick Round 2.

The stakes are upped for this round. Picking the correct team to win the series earns you two points. If you pick the correct team winning in the correct number of games, you earn four bonus points for a total of six.

As with the first round, comments will remain open until the start of games on Wednesday night. However, in order for your picks to count for the two series which begin Tuesday, they must be in by game time as stamped on your comment: 7:30 pm for Penguins/Senators, 10 pm for Kings/Sharks. Picks for these series which are posted after the start of game 1 will not be scored, although your other picks will still count.

Also, if you didn't make picks in the first round, it's not too late for you to start now. Jump on in and play along!

Here are the CC writing staff's picks for round 2. Who ya got?

Eastern Conference Western Conference
(1) PIT vs. (7) OTT (4) BOS vs. (6) NYR (1) CHI vs. (7) DET (5) LAK vs. (6) SJS
Bob Penguins in 7 Rangers in 7 Blackhawks in 6 Sharks in 6
Cory L. Penguins in 6 Bruins in 6 Blackhawks in 5 Sharks in 7
Brian Senators in 6 Bruins in 6 Blackhawks in 5 Sharks in 7
Jamie Penguins in 5 Rangers in 6 Blackhawks in 6 Kings in 7
Corey S. Senators in 7 Bruins in 6 Blackhawks in 6 Kings in 7
PackPride17 Penguins in 5 Rangers in 7 Blackhawks in 6 Kings in 6