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Day One Of Development Camp In The Books

After physicals and testing in the morning, camp attendees skated through drills in the late afternoon.

Victor Rask skating at Hurricanes development camp on Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
Victor Rask skating at Hurricanes development camp on Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
photo by Jamie Kellner

Prospects of the Carolina Hurricanes had a busy day on Tuesday. They started development camp out with an early morning physical, then got to spend some up-close and personal time with Pete Friesen, who put the boys through some strength and conditioning testing.

I asked Ohio State goalie Collin Olson what his day was like.

"We went right from our physicals to some strength testing with Pete Friesen which was pretty tough, but it's good to see just where you measure up with these guys and what you need to work on. Then we had a little time to rest back at the hotel and came back here to the rink. As you said, the goalies played during both sessions and it was not necessarily a good practice for goalies, but you just get out there and knock the rust off and see what you're up against."

Many of the drills were skill related, passing, skating, and shooting, so the goalies saw a lot of action.

Olson started skating when he was just three years-old and looked up to his cousin, Mike, who was a goalie. He laughed when I asked him if it was true that goalies were a bit crazy.

"I have always been a goalie since day one. I loved all the gear and everything about it. Everyone says that goalies are a bit crazy, but I consider myself one of the most normal ones," he quipped back.

I spoke briefly with several of the prospects. Here are some highlights:

Surprisingly enough, Elias Lindholm's and Victor Rask's favorite player is Peter Forsberg.

Brock McGinn's favorite is Sidney Crosby. Then McGinn described his game to me:

"My game is mostly a two-way game, a physical game. I try to create space for my linemates. I like to play at both ends of the ice and enjoy penalty killing and blocking shots. I am definitely trying to play a physical type of game."

Invitee Sergey Tolchinsky was invited to the Rangers' and Islanders' camps as well as Carolina's. The winger was not drafted, so he is fighting for a free agent contract.

A bit of a contrast from McGinn, Tolchinsky described his game as well.

"I think I have a good shot. I am a good skater and good stickhandler. I think I am fast enough, but I have to work on my strength and size and I am working on that now and will continue through the summer."

The Russian native gave me several of his favorite players, including Pavel Datsyuk, John Tavares, and Sidney Crosby.

Goalie Daniel Altshuller's favorite player is Patrick Roy.

"My favorite player of all time is definitely Patrick Roy. I wear number 33 because of him. I just loved his passion. He did everything to win, he loved winning and hated losing. So I try to be like him in that respect. Whether its practice or a game, I try to always stay focused and try not to let in any pucks."

Altshuller, who tends net for the Oshawa Generals, said he was learning a lot and was very appreciative of being here.

We will be following camp everyday and will have many more quotes right up until the finale on Saturday.