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Number To Know: Tippett In Trouble With Coyotes?

Today’s Number To Know looks at Arizona’s early season struggles.

Dave Tippett’s squad has allowed six or more goals three times in nine games this season.
Dave Tippett’s squad has allowed six or more goals three times in nine games this season.
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Number To Know

3 — Games in which Phoenix has allowed six more goals this season through nine games. Those were all losses: Winnipeg (6-2), St. Louis (6-1) and Tampa Bay (7-3). That's not like a normal Dave Tippett-coached team, since the veteran bench boss prides himself on defensive responsibility.

In fact, Tippett’s Coyotes — Carolina’s opponent Saturday — have had only one season in his previous five in Arizona in which the team allowed more than six goals more than three times in a season (six times in 2010-11). Here are the number of games Tippett’s teams in Arizona have allowed six-plus goals:

2009-10: 1
2010-11: 6
2011-12: 2
2012-13: 3 (in 48-game season)
2013-14: 2
2014-15: 3 (through nine games)

If history does indeed repeat itself, this doesn't bode well for Tippett’s chances of lasting beyond this year with the Coyotes. Tippett’s other stop as a head coach was in Dallas, where he lasted — you guessed it — six seasons. Other than one outlying season, Tippett’s Stars squads predictably kept the six-goal games down except for one season, then again right before he was let go. Here’s the number of games the Stars allowed six or more goals under Tippett:

2002-03: 0
2003-04: 2
2005-06: 6
2006-07: 0
2007-08: 2
2008-09: 8

So again, Tippett had one year in the middle of his tenure where his Stars team had a big chunk of six-or-more-goals-allowed games, and it was in the wide-open 2005-06 season that saw lots of power play time and inflated scoring due to rule changes. Then the Stars allowed six or more goals eight times in 2008-09, and Tippett was shown the door.

With three such games in just nine outings this season, the Coyotes seem to be on a path similar to Tippett's last year in Dallas. If that — and the team’s 3-5-1 record — don't improve, Arizona’s coach could be looking for a new home soon.