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Number To Know: Get Some Fan(nie)s In The Seats

Today’s Number To Know looks at Carolina’s lackluster attendance through six home games.

Number To Know

12,740 — Average attendance for the Hurricanes’ first six home games this season, 29th in the NHL ahead of only the Florida Panthers (8,916). According to, the team has played to just 68.2 percent capacity this season at PNC Arena, compared to 97.7 percent (17,212) for their eight road games.

After five seasons without a postseason berth, the Hurricanes were bracing for rough attendance, and the team’s eight-game winless start to the season certainly couldn't have helped. What the average fan probably doesn't realize is Carolina is 4-1-1 at home, earning nine of a possible 12 points. That 75 percent point share ranks fourth in the NHL, behind only Los Angeles (7-1-1), Tampa Bay (6-1-1), Nashville (5-1-1) and Minnesota (5-1). Last season, the top 12 teams with the best home records all made the postseason.

Our friends over at @Section328 have actually started a Twitter campaign to sell out Thursday’s game vs. Winnipeg. Check out their efforts at #PNCuthere.

Carolina ranked 23rd in average attendance last season (15,483), and their 82.9 percent capacity was 27th.