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Will Kirk Muller Return Next Season? [POLL]

The head coach is under contract for one more year, but will he be back?


As we get closer and closer to the end of the season, we get closer to the inevitable changes that will come to the team.

A new GM? A new coach? A new captain?

When a franchise has not made the postseason for five straight years, everyone should be and will be under evaluation.

I posted an article a couple of weeks ago stating some reasons I thought the team should be thinking about a new head coach. More than likely, the most prevalent reason is that there has not been enough improvement to the team since Kirk Muller has taken over.

The coach is under contract for one more season though and the cost effective move might be to allow him another try next year. Or perhaps they have seen enough improvement over the past couple of weeks to give him another training camp?

Some are saying the decision to release him has already been made.

According to an article over the weekend by Larry Brooks, the coach will be let go at season's end.

It is, according to sources, a fait accompli in Carolina that Kirk Muller will be dismissed as head coach at the conclusion of the season by incoming GM Ron Francis. The Candy Canes have made the playoffs once in eight seasons since winning the 2006 Stanley Cup.

What do you think? Will the coach be fired? Should he be?

Those are two different questions which will bring different responses. For purposes of this poll, we ask what would you do? Release the coach, or bring him back for another try?

State your reasons in the comments and also speak up if you think the Canes management will do anything different?