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Canes Country's 2014 Playoff Pick-Em Challenge: Round 2

How did your round 1 picks do? Find out here and make your picks for the second round now!

Doug Pensinger

The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs had plenty of intrigue and lots of correct answers in the CC Playoff Pick-Em. Below is the spreadsheet with the first round picks and the standings as of the end of the first round.

Interestingly, there was only one major upset: only 10 people picked the Wild to beat the Avalanche.  A decent number of folks took the Lightning to beat the Canadiens, and the Sharks/Kings and Blues/Blackhawks series were split about 50/50, but the other four series had rather overwhelming favorites that played out pretty much as expected.

So, onto the second round, which begins, ahem, tonight.  That's going to make the second round pick-em a bit time crunched, so we'll use the same rules we did last year.

The comments on this post will remain open until Friday at 7:00, when the Penguins/Rangers series begins.  However, in order for your pick for the Bruins/Canadiens series to count, it must be in by tonight at 7:00.  Any picks for that series after 7:00 tonight will not count and will earn you zero points; picks for the other three series will still count.

Scoring for the second round is bumped up a bit: now you get 2 points for the correct team winning, and 4 bonus points if you have that team winning in the correct number of games.

Also, if you didn't make picks in the first round, it's not too late for you to start now. Jump on in and play along!

The picks from the CC staff are below.  Good luck!

Eastern Conference Western Conference
(A1) BOS vs.
(A3) MTL
(M1) PIT vs.
(M2) NYR
(C3) CHI vs.
(P1) ANA vs.
(P3) LAK
Bob MTL in 6 NYR in 7 MIN in 6 ANA in 7
Cory BOS in 6 PIT in 6 CHI in 5 LAK in 7
Brian MTL in 6 NYR in 7 CHI in 5 LAK in 5
Jamie BOS in 7 NYR in 6 CHI in 5 LAK in 6
C-Leaguer BOS in 5 NYR in 6 CHI in 6 ANA in 6
PackPride17 BOS in 6 PIT in 7 CHI in 5 ANA in 7
Matt BOS in 6 NYR in 7 CHI in 6 ANA in 7