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Update On Coaching Search And A New Poll

Ray Shero is fired in Pittsburgh, but Dan Bylsma stays for now

Ray Shero is out in Pittsburgh
Ray Shero is out in Pittsburgh
Bruce Bennett

The Carolina Hurricanes have been very quiet so far in their search for a new head coach but there have been a few leaks out in the hockey media world indicating that Ron Francis has been busy.

We spoke a few days ago about a report in the Washington Post where Barry Trotz mentioned being contacted by the Hurricanes, Panthers, and Capitals.   There was another report mentioned yesterday in Twitter where Marc Crawford said that he had been contacted by all teams in the hunt.

George Richards, the beat writer for the Panthers, recently caught up with Kevin Dineen.  The former Carolina captain would not personally confirm or deny speaking with the Hurricanes, but according to the article, GM Dale Talon did give the Canes permission to speak with Dineen, who is still technically under contract in Florida.

Then today there is another bombshell.  Former Jack Adams and Stanley Cup winner, Dan Bylsma has been released by the Penguins this morning, along with their General Manager, Ray Shero.

UPDATE - Apparently all the hot shots on twitter got it wrong.  Bylsma was NOT fired, just Shero.  This is amazing how every media guru on twitter got this info wrong.

While Bylsma had a lot of talent to work with in Pittsburgh, he compiled the best record of any of the other candidates out there, (252-117-32 for a .670 regular season winning percentage and 43-35 record in the post season, .531).

Barry Trotz won our last poll with Kevin Dineen coming in second and John Tortorella third.  Let's try a new poll today, with fewer choices, while adding in Bylsma, and see what our Canes Country readers think now.