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Canes Country 2014 Playoff Pick-Em Challenge: Round 3

Game sevens seem to be the order of the NHL. Time to pick your favorites for the Conference Finals and see who has bragging rights among your friends.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The second round is done, and the leaderboard of the Canes Country Playoff Pick-Em looks a little different.

We had one sweep of the 2nd round, by yours truly (ahem).  Props to Cathye, who perfectly nailed three series and takes over first place by a point.

The third round picks are now open. The Canadiens face the Rangers in the East, while the West is a rematch of last year's final between the Blackhawks and Kings.

Since the third round started so early (and on a weekend to boot...thanks, Gary!), the scoring rules are a little different this time.  Full credit is 4 points for picking the correct team, and 8 bonus points for picking the correct team and number of games.  However, in this round only, we will offer half credit for picks made after game 1 of each series begins but before the beginning of game 2 of the MTL/NYR series.

In other words, picks are still eligible until Monday night at 8:00, which is when the comments will close.  However, picks for the MTL/NYR series that are posted after Saturday at 1:00 will earn 2 points for the correct team and 4 points for the correct length.  Picks for either (or both) series made after Sunday at 3:00 will earn the same amount of points.

The scores as of the end of the second round, plus last round's picks, are below, followed by the CC staff's picks for Round 3.  As you can tell, this is still anyone's game, so get your picks in - even if you haven't made picks in the first two rounds, it's not too late to start.  Good luck!

Eastern Conference Final
Western Conference Final
Bob NYR in 7 CHI in 6
Cory NYR in 6 LAK in 6
Brian MTL in 6 LAK in 7
Jamie NYR in 6 LAK in 7
C-Leaguer MTL in 6 CHI in 6
PackPride17 MTL in 5 LAK in 6
Matt NYR in 7 CHI in 6