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Canes Country 2014 Playoff Pick-Em: Stanley Cup Final

One more round to go. Make your picks now!

Justin Heiman

We're one round away from awarding the big silver chalice, and there are still plenty of folks with a chance to win the 2014 Playoff Pick-Em.

The third round saw four players sweep the round, picking both the Rangers and Kings in the correct number of games for each.  Congratulations are in order to thebl4ckd0g, CanesHockeyFan, Jamie and Grizzledbear for getting out the brooms in the round, and the sweeps were enough to propel Grizzledbear into the lead and Jamie into 3rd place overall.

However, with 24 points on offer in the Final, it's still anyone's game.  You get eight points for picking the correct winner and 16 bonus points if you pick both the correct team and length.  Comments are open now and picks may be entered until the start of Game 1 of the Final, Wednesday night at 8:00.

Make sure when you enter your pick to include the tiebreaker, which is the total number of goals scored by both teams in the Final. The standings as of the third round are below, and the CC staff's picks are below that.  Good luck!

Stanley Cup Final
Total Goals in SCF
Bob Rangers in 6 26
Cory L. Kings in 6 38
Brian Kings in 5 24
Jamie Rangers in 7 30
C-Leaguer Rangers in 6 29
PackPride17 Kings in 7 31
Matt Rangers in 6 33