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Report: Jim Rutherford To Be Named As New GM For Penguins

Bob McKenzie broke the news that the Pittsburgh Penguins will be hiring Jim Rutherford as their next General Manager

Jim Rutherford's "retirement" did not last long
Jim Rutherford's "retirement" did not last long

The retirement didn't last long.  There are numerous reports on Twitter this morning that former General Manager, and current President of the Carolina Hurricanes, Jim Rutherford, will be named as General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As I had mentioned in this article and this one, he did not seem ready for the rocking chair yet, so the news does not come as a surprise, but the timing seems a bit too soon.

It is a bit ironic that he traded half the team away to get Jordan Staal, signs Staal to a 10-year-deal, then leaves for Pittsburgh.  It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, world...

We will have more thoughts about this later and reactions from around the league.