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Information Science And The Hurricanes (POLL)

A guest has a poll for our readers - What makes up the identity of the Carolina Hurricanes?

Grant Halverson

I get emails with various requests quite often and usually I can answer the questions or provide the requested information quickly.  This week I received an email from Hillary Hollinger, a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill, requesting something a bit different.

Hillary is working on her Master's thesis and for part of it, wants to investigate how information science can be used by the Carolina Hurricanes to interact with fans.  She asked if she could poll our readers and use the answers provided to help her with her project.

This sounded very interesting to me, so of course I agreed.  The very first question is a beauty, "What do you think makes up the identity of the Carolina Hurricanes?"

Here are a few words from Hillary, as well as a link to her poll.  She promised to let us know the results and keep us informed about the status of her thesis.  Thank you all for participating!

Hello Caniacs! Guest author here.

I’m a graduate student in Library and Information Science at UNC, but don’t let the light blue fool you - Carolina Hurricanes red is the topic of this article. I’m currently conducting research for my Master’s thesis. The topic I’ve chosen combines our hockey team and the application of archival practice and information science. While these may seem an unlikely pairing, I think that the Carolina Hurricanes (and, in general, hockey as a sport) could make really interesting use of Information Science to create and promote more engaging fan interaction. In order to make the most convincing argument, I need the input of fans. I need your help.

I’ve created a survey that is based entirely on your opinions as fans. It’s open now, and will remain open until August 15th, 2014. I want to know what you think makes up the identity of the team, as well as what you would like to know, or know more about. The survey is short - only five questions, two of which are open-ended so that you can describe in your own words what information about the team is most appealing to you.

The survey is linked here:

I also want to thank you in advance for participating. Your involvement is a huge help to me, and hopefully, to the Carolina Hurricanes in the future.