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Hurricanes Headlines: Semin's Wrist, Waddell's Mission

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Report: Alexander Semin's wrist is not yet 100% and needs more rehab

Alexander Semin is returning to the states early for rehab
Alexander Semin is returning to the states early for rehab
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason news just keeps getting better and better for the Carolina Hurricanes.  Just a couple of weeks after Eric Staal had surgery to repair a "core" muscle, there is now a report out that Alexander Semin's wrist needs more rehab.

According to a Sunday morning Tweet by Dmitry Chesnokov, Semin will soon return to the states for rehab on his wrist.

I first saw the report on Comcast Sportsnet Washington where they repeat that the Russian sniper first jammed his wrist in training camp last year and suffered from the affects of the injury all season.  Semin had surgery to repair the wrist soon after the end of the season, but apparently things could be going better than what they are.

With the two top players on the team perhaps coming to training camp at less than 100% health, it could severely test the team's depth before the season even starts.  Much more about this in the coming weeks.


In the News and Observer on Sunday, Luke DeCock  posted an excellent article about the addition of Don Waddell to Carolina management.  His primary mission?  To grow revenue.

“That was the first thing I had to address with the staff,” Waddell acknowledged this week over breakfast, one of dozens of get-acquainted meals he has brokered since taking over as team president last month.

His message: Waddell is here to grow the franchise, not move it"

(Later in the article:)

Growing revenue from sponsorships and ticket sales is Waddell’s top priority, given the now annual drops in the season-ticket base during the team’s five-year absence from the postseason. Both Waddell and Francis are busy making calls to season-ticket holders both current and former.

“My focus is on revenue-generating departments,” Waddell said. “Obviously, I’ve still got lots of other departments that need time and service, but my biggest focus is how we’re going to generate revenue in the short and long term.”

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