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Hurricanes Headlines: Translated Khudobin Interview

Goalie describes how he got new contract and says Carolina fans are "top class"

Anton Khudobin at Hurricanes practice
Anton Khudobin at Hurricanes practice
photo by Jamie Kellner

Carolina Hurricanes goalie Anton Khudobin rarely gives stock answers to questions, which almost always results in a pretty interesting interview.  Such is the case in the following interview, which was originally published on the Mettalurg Magnitogorsk Fan Club page.

(Check out the original link here which is worth a click for the photos, even though it is in Russian.)

The interview was recently translated by Alessandro Seren Rosso and published by The Hockey Writers.

Some highlights follow:

- Carolina and Boston are two franchises with very different histories. When you moved to Raleigh, did you feel a difference?

Of course Boston is a franchise with big traditions as a part of the Original Six. But if we speak about the arena, everything at the Hurricanes is organized at the highest level. And also the fans are top class. The cities are very different. Boston is a big city, Raleigh is not. But everything is at the highest level: management, coaches, players. All is great.

- You became the number one goalie for the Hurricanes because Ward was injured or because the coaches decided that way?

- It’s hard to say what was more important, if Ward’s injury or my game. But probably my game, because even if Ward wouldn’t get injured and I wouldn’t play that way, they wouldn’t play me that often. So, maybe it was all this put together. I was injured myself earlier, and some other guys stepped up and played well. Maybe those times I was unlucky. But this time it was the other way around. Injuries never are a good situation for any player, but all went that way.

- Your contract with the Hurricanes probably is better from the one you had with the Bruins. Carolina’s management will count on you for the future?

- I signed a new two-year contract back in March. We dealt directly before the game during the breakfast. I was having a breakfast with Alexander Semin and our GM Ron Francis in a joking way said to me: "So, we’re gonna sign a contract with you or not?" So I replied him: "You need to talk with my agent," and I left for the practice. Therefore, they went talking with my agent. After the practice, I called my agent and gave him my requests for the new contract. So I had a lunch, took a nap, and after the nap I got some SMSes with the confirmation of my requests. Then, I went to a cafe and signed all the papers, then we left for the game.

If only all contract negotiations were that easy! I wonder if he wishes he would have asked for more money? Again, check out the entire interview here.