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Card Of The Week: Russian Royalty

Card maker places Sergey Tolchinsky with elite company

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Trading card companies are in the business to make money and usually select the players who they feel give them the best chance to sell their cards, especially specialty jersey and signature cards.

Apparently, the executives at "In The Game" have high aspirations for Hurricanes prospect, Sergey Tolchinsky because they matched up the speedy winger with two Russian legends, Pavel Bure and Alex Ovechkin for their 2013 Past, Present, and Future card.

Will Tolchinsky eventually be an unknown on this card?  Time will tell.

Many thanks to Jim for sending me the info on this card.  If anyone else has suggestions for our new "Card of the Week" feature, please email the info to

The link to the auction for this card follows:

Bure, Ovechkin, Tolchinsky - Past, Present, and Future