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Season Tickets

Need a partner to split season tickets? Discuss it here.

Jamie Kellner

With the recent changes announced to the Carolina Hurricanes 2015-16 season ticket plans, there are several incentives for fans to consider purchasing a full season ticket plan. Per-game pricing is lower, exclusive value sections are available, and there are other unique perks over mini-plans or gate pricing.

But there are many reasons why a full season plan might not be the right fit: perhaps individual budget, schedule, or other outside commitments aren't conducive to spending 41 nights a season at PNC Arena. Several readers on Canes Country have indicated an interest in partnering with other fans to split plans. Here's a place for you to do that.

Feel free to use the comments here if you want to broadcast your interest in splitting a plan or finding partners for a group season ticket holder purchase. If you find someone to partner up with, and you need assistance offline to communicate with each other, I can help you via email. Just make sure your email address in your user profile is valid and I'll send you an email.

If the thread generates interest, I will 'sticky' it in the story layout so it will remain easy to find.

To keep the conversation manageable and relevant, please use the comments for the intended purpose only, and not to debate the merits of the season ticket holder plans (go here instead).

A building full of Canes fans is a lot more fun. Hope this helps make that happen.