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Recap: Detroit Red Wings 2, Carolina Hurricanes 0 - Not With a Bang but a Whimper

The offseason has begun for the Canes following a shutout by Petr Mrazek and the Wings in game 82.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

As befits a season of missed opportunities, frustrating results, inconsistent performances and lather-rinse-repeat postgame comments, the Carolina Hurricanes managed to check all the boxes on Saturday night at PNC Arena.

A totally predictable 2-0 loss to the Detroit Red Wings in front of 16,680 was the way the Canes entered the offseason. Predictable because of the solid defense, which shut out the Wings for 57 minutes after conceding the first goal to Landon Ferraro, his first career goal, less than a minute in. Even more predictable because of the lack of offense.

"There were some chances. I don't think there were a ton either way," said Canes coach Bill Peters. "We had enough to get on the board."

Wings goalie Petr Mrazek staked his claim to Detroit's postseason crease with a 35-save shutout. Cam Ward made 27 of his own, with the second Detroit goal finding its way into the empty net with 2:20 left to play.

And with that, this reporter finds himself out of things to talk about. It was that kind of game. So without further ado, here is Bgallen who submitted the rest of tonight's recap in an open game thread comment.

This game was pretty okay. Fairly even showing between two bored teams: one resting its best players despite needing a point to hold onto the division lead and lock down another season of playoffs, one trying to figure out how to spend another summer with no work obligations. Nobody looked great, nobody looked bad, and after the first shot went in….it just kind of felt like everyone was coasting. The Canes had a couple big hits that won’t be on because the team throwing them doesn’t matter. Overall, it felt like a rec league game where everyone would like to win, but not going to work that hard to make it happen.

The Canes had some decent chances, but few followup chances as the Red Wings collapsed well in front of the net. The exact same thing could be said if you switch the team names in that sentence.

Thus ends the Canes season….with a tired whimper, like everyone’s heading home after a long week of trivial work where some paperwork got done, but nothing particularly important was accomplished.

Oh, by the way, coming up this week on Canes Country: the playoff pick-em opens tomorrow, the players have their end-of-season media availability on Monday, and Peters and Ron Francis will address the media on Wednesday. Presumably, there will be a bit more to talk about then. Enjoy your Sunday.