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Canes Country's 2015 Playoff Pick 'Em Challenge: Stanley Cup Final

One round to go and we're all bunched up. Make your Stanley Cup Final picks now!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We're three-quarters of the way home in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Playoff Pick 'Em is bunched up like the neutral zone in a 1990s Devils game.

Eight Nine players still have a shot at finishing in the money, and there's still a healthy competition for bragging rights further down the standings. We didn't have any major wipeouts in the Conference Final round, although about 2/3 of our commenters picked the Rangers to win, so anyone who had the Lightning got a nice boost. Interestingly, no one correctly swept both series; there were three who picked the Lightning in 7 and seven who took the Blackhawks in 7, but no one took both I am an idiot and didn't see Symbolic1995's post in the third round thread, and of course that's the one person who got both series exactly correct. Mea culpa.

Without further ado, the standings:

(Please note that PP17, Kyle and Jamie are at least giving the CC staff some respectability. As for the rest of us, especially Cory and yours truly...hoooo boy.)

Onto the Stanley Cup Final, then. In this round, picking the correct winning team is worth eight points. The five-point bonus for picking the correct team and series length is still in play as well, so there are a total of 13 points on offer. Also, when you make your pick, make sure to include the tiebreaker, which is the number of total goals scored by both teams in the series.

Picks for the Final are due by Wednesday, June 3 at 8:00 p.m. The comments will close at that time. The CC staff's picks are below. Who ya got?

Good luck!

Stanley Cup Final (A2) TBL vs.
(C3) CHI
Total goals
Bob Lightning in 7 33
Cory Blackhawks in 6 35
Brian Blackhawks in 5 27
Jamie Blackhawks in 6 30
PackPride17 Blackhawks in 5 30
Matt Lightning in 7 38
Kyle Lightning in 6 32