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Canes Country's 2015 Playoff Pick 'Em Challenge: Final Results

With the Blackhawks' win last night, the curtain came down on the third annual CC Playoff Pick 'Em. How did you do? Find out here!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Just like the Stanley Cup Final, the final round of the 2015 Canes Country Playoff Pick 'Em was about as bunched up as you could get.

Congratulations are in order to JustListenen, this year's Pick 'Em challenge winner with 68 points who also proved that you should always check behind me, because I mistakenly entered one pick in the first round that ended up being worth five points and would have cost JL a place in the money.

Finishing second, one point behind, was datdude323, who was remarkably consistent, sitting in either first or second place all the way through the contest. Third place goes to ms42, who had 66 points and was also a top-five performer from start to finish.

For each of the winners, shoot Bob an email (canescountry at gmail dot com) so that he can hook you up with your fabulous prizes.

Here are the standings from the Final with the total points:

If you'd like to see the full spreadsheet with all picks from all participants alphabetically, click here (but be warned that it's a rather ugly and enormous collection of data).

Some observations:

  • Even though the bonus points cost him a spot in the money, MinJaBen deserves some special recognition for picking all but one series winner correctly. Only a pick of Calgary in the second round stood between him and a perfect bracket, which has never happened in the three years we've done this contest.
  • 69 players participated in at least one round, and 36 made picks in every round.
  • As far as the CC writing staff goes, we actually redeemed ourselves a bit in the later rounds, especially with Jamie and PP posting top-ten finishes. (We'll leave it at that and just quietly ignore the other five of us.)
  • The biggest upset of the playoffs, at least in terms of the number of people making picks, was the Wild over the Blues in the first round. The only other upset was the Lightning over the Rangers in the East final; in each of the 13 other series (not counting the Lightning/Canadiens second round series, which had 26 picks apiece), the team with more picks ended up winning the series.

Thanks to everyone for playing this year. Hope you enjoyed it, and we'll do it again next year.