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Hurricanes Face Red Wings In Home Opener

The Canes will face the Detroit Red Wings on October 10 for home opener

Justin Faulk takes puck away from Tomas Tatar
Justin Faulk takes puck away from Tomas Tatar
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes announced today that their home opener for the 2015-16 season will be on Saturday, October 10 against the Detroit Red Wings.

The Nashville Predators also announced that their home opener will be on Thursday, October 8 against the Canes.  The Wings will face their former coach, Mike Babcock, on Friday night when the Maple Leafs travel to Detroit.

Interesting times are ahead!

The entire schedule will be released tomorrow morning and we will post more about that after the release.

In other news, it looks like 3-on-3 overtime hockey is coming to the NHL next season.  The league and the union approved it yesterday and all that remains is a rubber stamp by the Board of Governors.  That shouldn't be a problem.

They are also deciding on a coach's challenge option or two.

Finally, if you are a billionaire and you are reading this, the NHL is openly taking applications for expansion teams.  (It might be cheaper just to buy the Hurricanes from Mr. Karmanos, though his price may have just gone up with that expansion news.)