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2015 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread - Day One

Who will the Canes take at number five? Will they make a trade?

Jeff Skinner's name has been brought up in trade talk
Jeff Skinner's name has been brought up in trade talk
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to numerous media sources around the league, the Carolina Hurricanes could be shopping winger Jeff Skinner.  Of course it is draft time and rumors have a tendency to get blown out of proportion, but still it makes one wonder what the Canes could get for Skinner if indeed his name was out there as trade bait.

The league's rookie of the year in 2011 is a natural goal scorer, there is no arguing that.  He's notched over 30 goals in a season twice in his short career and scored 18 goals in a down year last season, good enough for second best on the team.

Still, it has been hard to find consistent chemistry between him and other linemates.  He also has had concussion related injury issues which will adversely affect his value.

What might the Hurricanes be asking for him?  What might he be worth?

In the meantime, some awesome players will be drafted tonight.  Several teams are talking with Arizona, trying to get that number three pick.  It will be interesting to see who falls to Carolina and who they will pick.

Brian is with the media in Florida and will be reporting in with any interviews and other tidbits he has.  Cory and I will be chirping in as well.  It should be a fun night!