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Free Agent Frenzy - Open Discussion Thread

Will it be a busy or quiet day?

Brad Richards is looking for a new contract
Brad Richards is looking for a new contract
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Happy Canada Day to our friends north of the border!

Welcome to our annual "free agent frenzy" open thread as NHL free agency officially opens at noon.  Ron Francis certainly has a couple of holes to fill.  Who does he have in mind?

The Hurricanes are usually quiet on day one, as they prefer to wait until prices are a bit more reasonable.  Francis may make an exception today, who knows?

In any event, it's fun to see what crazy amounts of money other teams are willing to spend.

I will be at the PNC Arena early this afternoon for a scheduled press conference with Peter Karmanos, followed by Ron Francis and will be reporting any fresh news I hear back in this thread.