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Summerfest And Scrimmage On Saturday

Last day of Development Camp has activities for fans

Carolina's future blueline
Carolina's future blueline
Jamie Kellner

First off, I'm sorry I did not get to my notes from Wednesday night's practice but I will type them up and post them early next week.  I have some quotes from some of the players that will be of interest.  The Hurricanes are really doing a great job with these kids, but more about that later.

Saturday the Canes will be hosting their annual Summerfest celebration and have many activities planned for fans.

They will start off at 9 a.m. by passing out wristbands for fans who want to get autographs.  The actual autograph session begins at 10.

At 11:15 they will hold a "State of the Canes" which will be hosted by Chuck Kaiton.  Ron Francis, Bill Peters, and Don Waddell will be the guests.

From 12-1 p.m. the prospects will be on the ice for their final scrimmage of camp.  Look for 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and 5-on-5 action.

After that, Jon Chase, Michael Smith, Shane Willis, Mike Flanagan from Section 328 , and yours truly will participate in a "Canes Insider" segment in which we will be answering a variety of questions.  Wish me luck, friends!

For more information check this link.

Haydn Fleury will be leading Team Red against Noah Hanifin and Team White.  Sergey Tolchinsky is also on Team White and watch out for him.

The scrimmage roster follows:

(scrimmage roster 7 11 15 )