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Today's Links: NHL 16, Fleury, Lack

Today's must-see Carolina Hurricanes related links.

EA Sports

When the next generation consoles launched, EA Sports stepped their game up by adding authentic arenas in NHL 15 on the PS4 and Xbox One.  The dimensions of arenas are similar to those in real life and the specifics go to the lengths of proper stair placement.

Unfortunately, the PNC Arena did not make the cut for the licensing agreement and therefore did not appear in NHL 15’s authentic arenas. Instead of the PNC Arena, EA Sports creators named it ‘Carolina Arena".   1400 Edwards Mill Rd. will appear in NHL 16 as it would be seen on Television.

  • Fleury Gets Fancy

Tolchinsky wasn’t the only one with slick moves at development camp. Last year’s first round, seventh overall draft pick Haydn Fleury went behind-the-back and top shelf.

If you haven’t already seen Eddie Lack in a ‘Canes jersey, here’s a sneak peek at his new mask.