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This And That: Expansion and Other News

Lou Lamoriello moves to Toronto

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hockey news has been very quiet on Tobacco Road of late.  There have been a few unofficial rumblings about a contract extension still being worked on with the Eric Staal camp, but again that is unofficial.

My view has not changed.  I think the team should wait and see regarding the extension, but I can understand the other side of things as well.  It sure is enticing to see what you could get for the captain at trade deadline next March, but it is a gamble.

Earlier this week, the NHL released the news that they received official expansion bids from Quebec and Las Vegas.  Apparently, there was a bit of a surprise that a couple of other potential markets did not step up.

After so much complaining about the Whalers leaving, there was absolutely nothing coming out of Hartford.  Perhaps one of our friends from that area can chime in about that.

Peter Karmanos certainly chose a good time to sell the team.  The $500 million franchise fee pumps up the value of the Canes more so than ever before.

In other news, it was reported this morning that the Maple Leafs signed former Devils General Manager, Lou Lamoriello.  It's always interesting in Toronto!  I'm waiting for him to fire Mike Babcock and name himself head coach.

It's also arbitration season and the Hurricanes always avoid those like the plague because they can be unpredictable.

After one excellent season, Caps goalie and restricted free agent Braden Holtby is reportedly seeking $8 million a year.  (His hearing is this morning).  So much for RFA status saving a team money.

We all know how easy it is to over-pay long term for a goalie after he has a couple of great seasons.  We'll see how this works out.