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The Game That Never Happened: Carolina Hurricanes Didn’t Beat or Fall to the Detroit Red Wings

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This is the most important thing that you will read today.

Hurricanes v Red Wings
Ron Francis scored the game winning goal as the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Detroit Red Wi.....wait a second.
Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images/NHLI

It was a night to remember.

The Detroit Red Wings traveled to Raleigh to take on the Carolina Hurricanes for an important Monday night game with heavy implications on the current Eastern Conference playoff race.

The events that followed were historic.

The Hurricanes went into an absolute shell. They ended the night with no shot attempts, leaving this writer wondering just what the gameplan was. It’s almost as if they weren’t even playing.

Perhaps they were filling up on too many carbs during the pregame meal?

The coaching matchup of Bill Peters vs. Jeff Blashill was a sight to behold. It was reminiscent to a game of chess or even a highly strategic card game.

We've resorted to Solitaire on the video board

A photo posted by Jamie Kellner (@jbkellner) on

I won’t lie, I was so fed up with the way that this game was being played, or should I say, not being played, I decided to just stop watching.

Others resorted to, um, more drastic measures.

Both teams should be ashamed of the effort they put forth on Monday night. Each and every fan in attendance should be given free(on) tickets to a future game for having to endure what they did. Including the musical selections.

We here at Canes Country will do our best and give many updates in regards to just what the Hurricanes decide to do about Monday night’s debacle. When we have an update to provide, we will give you an update as to when we will give that update.

Despite a very uneventful Monday night, Canes Country is still here to provide you with only the best hockey #content on the web, as displayed above.

Thanks for reading.

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