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Watch: Jordan Staal Forces a Turnover, Converts a Breakaway

After a rough start to the game, the Canes’ center pulls the home team to within one.

Jamie Kellner

You know things aren’t going well when Jaccob Slavin, he of the ten career penalty minutes, takes a high sticking penalty - that, in fairness, was totally undeserved after he lifted David Pastrnak’s stick and the B’s winger hit his own face with his stick.

Fortunately, the hockey gods saw fit to rectify this cruel twist of fate, as Jordan Staal pickpocketed Austin Czarnik at the blue line and took off, converting a breakaway from the red line in at 10:12 to cut the Bruins’ lead to 2-1. It was Staal’s 7th of the season and the Canes’ fifth shorthanded goal of the year, the second-most in the NHL.