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It’s Christmas, So The Canes Country Staff Is Playing Secret Santa For The Hurricanes

If you could get any member of the Canes organization anything for Christmas, what and to whom would you give?


The Carolina Hurricanes have reached the Christmas break after getting a gift of a win last night courtesy of the likes of Cam Ward, Jordan Staal and Teuvo Teravainen. They’ve given us plenty of presents, along with a few lumps of coal in our stockings, over the first three months of the 2016-17 season.

So, in the spirit of the season, members of the Canes Country writing staff got together and decided what we’d give certain members of the Hurricanes for Christmas. Clearly, some of us are kind to the boys on Edwards Mill. Others...well, let’s just say gag gifts never go out of style.

Peter Dewar:

I would give Justin Faulk just a whole bunch of queso so that he, too, can enjoy the fruits of his labor. No chips or anything, just buckets on buckets of delicious cheesy goodness.

Matt Krombach:

I would buy a Trashy Trailerpark Taco from Torchy's Tacos for Eddie Lack because he loves tacos and this is the best taco I have ever tasted. The Trailer Park is described on the website as: "Fried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese on a flour tortilla with poblano sauce. Get it Trashy - Take off the lettuce and add queso."

The first time I had one of these babies was in Austin two summers ago and I had to go and get another one because it was so good. I still crave it today. I have to think Lack likes his hard shell tacos by pictures of him eating hard-shell tacos on social media, but Texas only does tacos tortilla style.

I firmly believe this would be a life-altering experience for Lack, which could ultimately improve his performance on the ice.


Cody Hagan:

I would buy a new beanie or a toupee for Wade Minter because we all know his head has to get very cold sitting down by the ice!

Andy House:

I would buy a case of local beer for Noah Hanifin and Sebastian Aho...because they can't do it themselves!

Justin Lape:

I would buy Jeff Skinner the letter "C" because he deserves the captaincy and has proven it with his stellar play.

Brett Finger:

I would hire a babysitter to help out Ron Hainsey. Being the elder statesman and foremost father figure on the Hurricanes, I'm sure Hainsey would enjoy some time away from the kids.

Brian LeBlanc:

I’d buy Bill Peters a Ouija board, because God knows he needs all the help he can get in deciding whether or not to use a challenge, and what better way than by going all Jumanji on the bench? And really, who would turn down a chance to use a Ouija board with Rod Brind’Amour?

Jamie Kellner:

As the 'mom' of the group my gifts have to be a bit more practical. That said, I'd like to see the following under the Christmas tree (these are gifts for the entire team):

1. A nice gilded frame to permanently display that Penalty Kill.

2. Some Stickum spray to help them hold onto the lead.

And for fun:

3. A trampoline, so they can leap over all their opponents in the Metro Division.

From all of us at Canes Country, thank you so much for your continued support this year. We all love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without each of you, because then no one would read our stuff and we’d be sad.

We’re taking tomorrow off, then back on Monday with midterm report cards and a World Juniors preview. Enjoy your Christmas, everyone!