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Canes Country Wants To Add You To The Breaking News Desk

Big Mike knows how much fun it is to contribute to Canes Country.
Jamie Kellner

Are you a social media obsessive who misses very little when it comes to Carolina Hurricanes news? Want to help us out in covering the Canes?

Canes Country is looking for two contributors to our breaking news desk. This position requires availability to post at any time, including during business hours, at least two days per week. Our site goal is to get relevant news up on the site within an hour of it breaking, whether through Twitter, through a press release, or anywhere else.

Writing experience is helpful, but not required. Preference will be given to applications which contain a writing sample, but the absence of a sample does not disqualify you from being selected.

News desk writers will be responsible for posting short articles about relevant information, usually around 250-300 words, and also posting the articles on Facebook and Twitter for maximum visibility. Typically, news desk writers will be assigned specific days of the week, and any news that breaks on a writer’s assigned day is their responsibility to post within an hour unless otherwise agreed to or directed by a senior editor.

News desk writers may occasionally contribute other content to Canes Country as appropriate and assigned by senior editing staff, so long as it does not interfere with responsibilities for news posting.

If this sounds like something that would be up your alley, we’d like to hear from you. Please use the form below to submit your interest (when you get to the point where it asks what you want to do, just check the breaking news desk), and we will be in contact as the process unfolds.

Any questions? Shoot me an email: bdleblanc at gmail.

Thanks for your interest in helping out at Canes Country!