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Carolina Hurricanes news roundup: Brendan Woods sent to Charlotte, Brody Sutter recalled, 2016-17 season ticket pricing released

Brody Sutter replaces Brendan Woods on the Canes' roster, and the 2016-17 season ticket packages have been announced.

Brody Sutter will make his first appearance with the Canes tomorrow night in Washington.
Brody Sutter will make his first appearance with the Canes tomorrow night in Washington.
Jamie Kellner

A couple of news nuggets over the past couple of days worth digesting...


The Hurricanes have assigned Brendan Woods to Charlotte and have recalled Brody Sutter for the first time this year. Woods played in all three games last week, recording no points with an average ice time of just under seven minutes per game. He did, however, finally get the chance to play a home game, as his previous two-game callup was entirely on the road.

This is Sutter's second career recall to the NHL, following a four-game stint with the Canes during the State Fair road trip last year. He is unlikely to play a home game on this trip as well, as the Canes have called up players for a week at a time and the Canes play three road games before returning home next Tuesday. Sutter is in his fourth professional season and has 11 goals in the AHL this season, one off his career high set last season.

Click for the press releases concerning Woods' reassignment and Sutter's recall.


The Canes on Monday released details on full and partial (flex-plan) season ticket plans for the 2016-17 season on Monday. The team is rebranding the season ticket base to "Season Ticket Members" next season, so a STM going forward is the same as a STH in the past. The Canes are offering a price freeze, or a small price decrease, for all full season tickets that are renewed by Friday, May 6. As with the past couple of years, the team is also offering 30 giveaways for renewals over the next month, beginning with a contest to win a trip on the team plane to Columbus on March 24 that will be awarded tomorrow.

A few changes, though, could cost you a bit more money, especially for flex plans:

  • New full season tickets will generally see a price increase over this year's prices:
  • A few sections have been reclassified for next season. In the end zones, "lower level north/south" is the classification for rows N and higher in the top of sections 108-115 and 123-130. There is no more "top 8" pricing for the top eight rows in those sections. As with last year, rows C-M are designated as "lower level north/south preferred".
  • Sections 101, 107, 116 and 122 have been reclassified as "Sideline" sections; sections 107 and 116 were "Sideline Premier Value" this year, which is the same classification as next year's "Sideline" areas. Sections 102, 106, 117 and 121 are now designated "Sideline Preferred" sections, which are the same as the old Sideline Premier category.
  • The upper sections have not been reclassified at all from this year's categories.
  • Because of the way flex plans are priced per game, it's tough to make a direct apples-to-apples comparison to last year's packages. Here are the price tiers for per-game prices for 11 and 22-game flex plans:
    11-game flex plans 2016-17 prices
    2015-16 prices
    LL South Preferred 95/100/115 88/92/107
    LL South
    81/84/100 88/92/107
    LL North Preferred 83/86/102 81/84/100
    LL North 69/73/86 81/84/100
    Club Select 99/106/124 95/98/112
    Mezzanine 66/71/84 66/71/84
    Terrace Preferred 50/55/65 50/55/65
    Terrace Value 39/42/50 39/42/50
    Shoot Twice Goal Zone 26/28/35 26/28/35
    22-game flex plans 2016-17 prices
    2015-16 prices
    Sideline Preferred 102/109/127
    (secs 102, 106, 117, 121)
    (secs 101, 102, 106, 117, 121, 122)
    Sideline 89/94/110
    (secs 101, 107, 116, 122)
    (secs 107, 116)
    LL South Preferred 89/94/110 85/88/102
    LL South 75/80/94 85/88/102
    LL North Preferred 77/82/96 77/80/94
    LL North 65/69/80 77/80/94
    Club Ledge 155/167/195 146/150/165
    Club Select 94/99/115 90/93/107
    Mezzanine 62/65/78 62/65/78
    Terrace Preferred 45/49/58 45/49/60
    Terrace Value 35/38/45 36/39/47
    Shoot Twice Goal Zone 24/26/30 24/26/32
  • Responding to criticism this year from flex-plan holders that were not guaranteed the same seat for each game in their plan, the Canes will now allow flex plan STMs to keep their same seat for each game of their plan, as well as offering an optional upgrade for fans who wish to move to a different seat for specific games.
  • The prepaid parking discount, previously 33% for both full and flex-plan holders, has been cut to 25% for 22-game flex plans and 20% for 11-game plans. It remains 33% for full-season STMs.
  • Ticket exchanges for 11-game flex plans are now limited to exchanges before the game being traded. 11-game plans will no longer be able to exchange unused tickets for a game that has already been played. 22-game flex and full season plans will still allow for exchanges of past games.
  • As in the past, the Canes are offering food and beverage credits for renewals by May 6: 10% for full STMs, 7% for 22-game STMs, and 3% for 11-game STMs.
  • Benefits and rewards remain in a three-star membership and loyalty structure, but the number of stars is now determined in part by a STM's longevity as a season ticket holder rather than solely considering the section in which the STM sits.
  • Fans who place a deposit for next year's tickets by Saturday, April 2 will receive priority to purchase potential 2016 Stanley Cup Playoff tickets.