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Canes Stay At Lucky 13 In The Draft

Toronto kept the first overall pick while both Winnipeg and Columbus moved up to number two and three.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes have still yet to win an NHL Draft Lottery.  The odds were slim for them on Saturday night and sure enough they stayed in position number 13 when all was said and done.

The Toronto Maple Leafs kept the first pick while the Winnipeg Jets moved up to number two and the Columbus Blue Jackets slipped up into the third spot.

The Canes also have the first round pick of the Los Angeles Kings.  Will they be able to move up?

Here is the order of the first 14 picks-

2016 NHL Draft order:

1. Toronto Maple Leafs

2. Winnipeg Jets

3. Columbus Blue Jackets

4. Edmonton Oilers

5. Vancouver Canucks

6. Calgary Flames

7. Arizona Coyotes

8. Buffalo Sabres

9. Montreal Canadiens

10. Colorado Avalanche

11. New Jersey Devils

12. Ottawa Senators

13. Carolina Hurricanes

14. Boston Bruins

There will be plenty of good prospects available and we will be looking at them in the near future.