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Canes Country's 2016 Playoff Pick 'Em Challenge: Conference Finals

It's tight at the top and a quick turnaround. Make your picks now!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

And here we were all excited to have game 7s in two series, then... (fart noise)

It's still pretty tight at the top of the standings for the 2016 CC Playoff Pick 'Em Challenge. Congratulations to the seven commenters (and one staff writer) who correctly predicted all four second round winners: Kyle, gregfrgusa, Hurricanewarning, Danvincent78, JustListenin, GoACanes87, reggie101 and anonymousJ.

Here are the standings after last night's game:

Now, onto the conference championships. Since the turnaround time is so short with the first game starting tonight, comments will remain open for entries until the start of Game 1 of the Blues/Sharks series, Sunday night at 8:00. However, entries for the Penguins/Lightning series must be in by the start of Game 1 (tonight at 8) to be tallied.

This round gives four points for the correct team and five bonus points for also picking the correct number of games.

Below are the CC staff's picks. Good luck!

Third Round (M2) PIT vs.
(A2) TBL
(C2) STL vs.
(P3) SJS
Bob TBL in 6 SJS in 7
Brian PIT in 6 SJS in 7
NotOpie TBL in 7 STL in 6
Matt PIT in 7 STL in 7
Kyle PIT in 6 STL in 7