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Movin' On Up

Canes Country writers spreading their wings.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Just a couple of brief announcements this morning....  Two of our writers are moving up in the world and I would like to give them some props and wish them luck in their new endeavors.

On April 1, Cory Lavalette accepted a position at the new North State Journal.  Cory was the first additional writer to join me here at Canes Country, about eight years ago.  He will be contributing primarily on the sports desk and will be the Journal's beat writer covering the Hurricanes.   His duties there will keep him from writing here anymore so his analysis and other contributions will be sorely missed.

Also, our intern Matt Krombach, will be working as an intern for the David Glenn Show this summer and starts today.  Matt is majoring in electronic media/broadcasting at App State and has been working very hard to learn as much as he can about all aspects of covering sports.  He will continue to write for us as he has the chance.

Both of these gentlemen were nice enough to give their experience at Canes Country much credit for their success and I would like to thank them both for those kind words.  Of course I wish them both the best!

I know things have been pretty quiet here of late but I have some articles in the hopper which should be of interest and will most likely get the first one done tonight.