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Open Thread - Caps and Pens Rivalry Heats Up

Brooks Orpik was suspended for three games and coach Barry Trotz says he is disappointed but "isn't surprised".

Brooks Orpik is out for three games starting tonight
Brooks Orpik is out for three games starting tonight
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You have to love a great hockey rivalry, even if you do not not necessarily like either team.  The Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins have not liked each other for years but that rivalry is heating up even more now.

After Brooks Orpik got suspended for three games for his nasty hit on Olli Maatta, Caps' coach Barry Trotz was asked about it today.

This is what he had to say according to NBC Sports.

"I’m disappointed, but I’m not surprised based on who we’re playing and all that," the Capitals’ head coach told reporters today. When asked what he meant by that, Trotz replied, "Take it for whatever you want."

Is the coach saying that the NHL is biased against the Caps?

Tom Wilson, who has already been fined for an "accidental" leg on leg hit in game one, is upset that Mike Milbury used the term, "predator" when describing Orpik.  Of course Wilson, who could be descibed by some as a "predator" himself, is going to stick up for his teammate, but ask Erik ColeLoui Eriksson, and others what they think about the defenseman.

An already tight series is bound to heat up even more.  Game three is tonight.