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Canes Country is looking for new contributors

Want to get some great experience with one of a small number of blogs credentialed by an NHL club? Here's your chance.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Canes Country is looking to expand our contributor pool, and we want you. Yes, you, fellow Carolina Hurricanes fan. We are looking to fill a bunch of slots to improve our coverage of the Hurricanes, and no matter what your strong suit is, we likely have a place for you.

Want to write articles? Here's your chance. Live in Charlotte and want to keep us updated on the Checkers? Do it. Are you a stathead? We need a few more like you in our world. Are you a draftnik that keeps tabs on the future Canes in junior and college hockey? Yes, yes and yes.

Here are some more details on what we're looking for:

  • If you want to write articles or columns, we ask that you commit to at least one article per week. We will work with you on what day you would like to post, but we want to spread out the content as much as possible so that we don't overload certain days of the week while leaving others underrepresented.
  • Certain forms of short-form writing and content - gifs, vines, writing up press releases, breaking news coverage, that sort of thing - are on demand, and you will need to be ready to go ASAP whenever news breaks. This could be as often as every day, depending on the time of year and the content. You don't need to live on the site necessarily, but our target is to get every piece of Canes news up on the site, in some form, within an hour of it breaking.
  • For that reason, we are looking for two or three people who would share the load of writing up breaking news. We don't want to overburden any one person.
  • Link roundups - among other things, called "Clicks and Clippings" and "Storm Debris" at various times in our history - will be a once-a-day feature, usually the first post in the morning every day. We would like two or three people to do this as well, so that no one gets burned out.
  • This is important, and you know it is because it's bolded on the Internet: writing samples are required for anyone looking to write in the following areas: analysis and columns, long-form features, and credentialed game coverage (which also requires previous writing experience). Writing samples are preferred, but not required, for the following: pre- and post-game coverage, link roundups, minor and junior coverage, analytics and statistical coverage, and breaking news coverage. Other contributor roles do not require a writing sample.
  • If you are interested in an area for which a writing sample is required, you must either include one with your application or submit a FanPost of not more than 500 words on a topic of your choice within five days of your application. Your application will not be considered without one of these two requirements being met. The same applies for areas where writing samples are preferred, although your application will not be discarded if you do not include one.
  • A quick word about comment moderation: we are in the process of updating our community guidelines to conform to new SBN-wide guidelines that will be implemented later this month. For this reason, folks interested in applying as a comment mod should do so now, but please know that these will likely be the last spots filled and it may be a little while before we do so. For reasons of impartiality and avoiding conflicts of interest, we ask that anyone interested in serving as a comment mod not be a regular contributor of articles to the site.
  • Although we plan to have dedicated roles to manage social media, all contributors should be familiar at a basic level with Facebook and Twitter.

Any other questions? Email me: bdleblanc at gmail dot com. Thanks for your consideration, and we hope to welcome you on board soon!

Here's the application: