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Storm Advisory for October 13: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

It’s Friday the 13th...time to get spooky.

Look, a ghost!
Jamie Kellner

It’s Friday the 13th of October. Hope you all have a spooky day...but first, your reading assignments of the day.

Reading Assignments

  • The Carolina Hurricanes will no longer be staying at the Trump SoHo for games in New York City. [News & Observer] They aren’t the only ones to do so. [Washington Post]
  • You rarely see a fight in the NHL as the league has been changing gradually. However, there was a big throw-down in the Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks game. [CBS Sports]
  • The NHL’s first week of Super 16 rankings came out. The Canes...just squeaked in. [NHL]
  • Playing fantasy hockey this year? ESPN breaks down some suggestions including a pretty obvious one regarding the Canes. [ESPN]
  • Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin is off to a hot start and he could make history this season [NHL]
  • A bit of a heartwarming moment between Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak and a Colorado Avalanche fan [NHL]