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Storm Advisory for November 23rd: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

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The Hurricanes played the Maple Leafs last night, and that means that Ron Francis got to talk on Canadian airwaves.

October 5, 2017. Carolina Hurricanes name Justin Faulk and Jordan Staal as Captains, PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC. Copyright © 2017 Jamie Kellner. All Rights Reserved. Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • General manager Ron Francis appeared on Canadian radio prior to his team’s contest with the Toronto Maple Leafs. [SportsNet]
  • ESPN says for your fantasy hockey team’s Black Friday shopping, Carolina’s most prolific goal scorer might be a good target to acquire. [ESPN]
  • If you’re just not quite able to get into this spirit yet this holiday season, here’s a few reasons you can be thankful for having the NHL around. [USA Today]
  • On the other hand, if you’re more of a scrooge this time of year and you like it that way, here’s why you should NOT be thankful for the NHL. [Also USA Today]
  • Bill Peters had some interesting things to say about what makes Carolina’s defense so tough to play against.
  • Oft-injured Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price will make his return to the net tomorrow after missing the team’s last ten games with a lower-body injury. Remember that eight-year mega-extension he signed in the offseason? Yeah, it doesn’t start until NEXT season. [NHL]
  • This one will melt your heart. The New Jersey Devils held their Hockey Fights Cancer night last night, and Brian Boyle, whose ongoing battle with leukemia has been well-publicized, scored a dang goal. Good for him. [NHL]