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About Last Night: A Holiday Feast

The Hurricanes saw Christmas come early with their defeat of the Sabres.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes pulled off an emphatic sweep of the Buffalo Sabres last night with a 4-2 victory at PNC Arena. On paper, the game appears a run-of-the-mill hockey win over the second worst team in the NHL, but inside the Hurricanes and Caniacs know this was a crucial game, where the Canes had to get the two points.

Talking Points


If anyone is out there wondering what to eat on the eve of Christmas, look no further than what you can get at a discount thanks to the Canes. Pizza, queso, and even a Bo-Berry - everyone from Jeff Skinner to Rudolph can dine well tomorrow, making Christmas even more merry. But how did we come on to this holiday treat? The Canes went out and brought some major heat.


Sebastian Aho, the young man who grew up a few hours from Santa’s village in Finland, started the scoring very early for the Canes. It is rumored that earlier in the day the team was alerted of a problem with the Sabres, so to start the game TSA stepped in to say hi.

It was not a fun visit for Chad Johnson and the Buffalo boys. A group of five agents hustled in to great the Sabres immediately, and after surrounding their space, multiple agents swarmed the goaltender. This presented Agent Aho with a glorious rebound, which he pocketed just like a Finnish spy.

The agents were not done with their investigations, returning early in the second period upon hearing that the Sabres were down to just three men. With some good passing and a little luck, Jordan Staal’s skate redirected the puck. Chad Johnson was no match for this timely event, and the fans were beginning to see that a Christmas victory was just meant.

The TSA agents would account for six points on the night, including two goals. It was heard through the cracks that they were very blunt with the guys from Buffalo. The Sabres came in to Raleigh trying to pick a bone, but our mighty agents told them “Go back home.”

Faulk Yeah!

Despite the efforts of the TSA, there seemed to be something still needed to send the pesky Sabres away. Enter Justin Faulk and the beard of might, for he came willing to bring the fight.

A two on one with Aho would lead to Faulk’s first goal since October. The relief off his shoulders was felt around town, and even Uncle Moe(s) was awaiting so proud, with his delicious queso which is simply renown.

Shortly thereafter Faulk would strike again, this one was high cheese and the goals were pouring like rain, which this left just one question to remain.

* Unfortunately, we are told that the Grinch has met with Moe’s and we do not get double queso :/

December Streaking

Don’t look now, but the Canes have won five out of six, and they are making a push to not have one of the top ten picks. Over half the season remains and certainly nothing is for sure, but this is a perfect time for the Hurricanes to be making a run. I can assure you there is no funny business here and for this point I have no pun.

Cam Ward has wrestled away the starting goalie position, and of that there is no doubt. For all of the shaky goals allowed, Scott Darling is sitting on the bench, sadly left out. Going 7-0-1 in his past eight games should prove Ward is number one, for he, to be sure, is on quite a run. His workload last night was not overwhelming but he provided the saves when needed and that is the true testament. Who knows what truly has happened with Darling, but as big games approach, dear Bill Peters please take this hint: Start Cam Ward!

Battles against teams such as New Jersey, Washington, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh loom large. But if the Hurricanes can continue to get solid goaltending, a push from their leaders, and shutdown TSA agents to handle their business, there is no reason to believe the Canes cannot lead the charge.

Moral of the Story

This article has been fun to write just as the Hurricanes have made the last few weeks very bright (except when in Canada). The entire team stepped up and willed their way to victory last night, and they did it all by just playing with all their might. A playoff spot is so close you can almost touch it, but for now the boys in red and black must focus on Christmas and enjoy where simply where they sit.

With that I bid adieu, remaining out of sight. A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.