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Storm Advisory for June 16: Daily NHL News, Rumors, Links and Discussion Thread

The pre-expansion draft dam broke in a big way yesterday afternoon.

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Reading Assignments

  • Bryan Bickell made the rounds in New York yesterday to talk about how the best treatment for his MS is keeping busy and building awareness about the disease. []
  • Michael Smith tells the story of how the Carolina Hurricanes selected Sebastian Aho 35th overall in the 2015 NHL Draft. If you read nothing else today, read this. [Hurricanes]
  • More fallout from the Jonathan Drouin trade: here’s the view from Raw Charge, here’s what EOTP has to say about the deal and Drouin’s new contract, and meanwhile Vegas is side-eyeing this whole charade.
  • There’s a series at FanRag posing four questions facing each team in the offseason. Life must be good for the Canes, because one of the questions is “what do they do about the goalie situation?” Uh...someone gets bought out, traded, or shipped to Vegas. Fin. [FanRag Sports]
  • The Penguins’ parade was yesterday, and Olli Maatta certainly enjoyed the proceedings. (If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re in the minority: this article was viewed 62,000 times yesterday, which is one of the highest one-day traffic numbers I’ve ever seen on SBN.) [PensBurgh]
  • You might be surprised to learn that retiring Sergei Fedorov’s jersey in Detroit isn’t a fait accompli, and the Hurricanes play a bit role in the reasons why. [CBS Detroit]
  • Sure, Drew Doughty, no reason saying this on a radio show in Toronto wouldn’t set the internet on fire. Nothing to see here, move along.