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Storm Advisory for June 17th: Daily NHL News, Rumors, Links and Discussion Thread

Noah Hanifin changes agents; trade talks heating up around the league

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Canes defenseman Noah Hanifin has changed his agent, leaving Orr Hockey Group for CAA Sports. []
  • Ron Francis discusses the Canes’ thought process heading into the expansion draft. [WRALSportsFan]
  • If the 2012 Draft were done again today, how would it go down? []
  • With the Expansion Draft looming, trade talks are heat up across the league. Lots of action could be ahead before today’s 3:00 deadline. [AP News]
  • And with that in mind, We Have A Trade To Announce! [Coyotes]
  • Simon Despres was bought out by the Anaheim Ducks, after several seasons impacted by concussions. [Orange County Register]
  • The Lutheran pastor who famously changes the sign outside his church with messages of support for the Lightning delivers a sermon on the Jonathan Drouin trade. [Raw Charge]
  • The Blue Jackets, a victim of expansion timing, will sacrifice a first-round pick to keep Vegas from taking one of their key contributors in the expansion draft. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • Notice anything odd with this screen cap from the NHL’s expansion draft explainer? [NHL]