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Are These the New Carolina Hurricanes Home Jerseys? (Update: Yep, They Sure Are)

A leak sprang about two hours before the official reveal is to be made. What do you think?

Update 10:00 p.m.: The rumors are true, and those are indeed the new threads. See the top of this post for a gallery of press images of the new home jerseys.

As soon as the NHL earlier today announced a 10 p.m. ET reveal for the new home jerseys from adidas, it was just a matter of time before an impatient someone(s) got a hold of some information about the new threads. First the Nashville Predators, then the St. Louis Blues, had their jerseys slip out, and then just shy of two hours before all 31 home sweaters were due to be made public, this photo began making the rounds on Twitter:

The tweet initially came from Josh Wilson (@moomdesigns), but it’s unclear as to how the photo got out. But in the second row down, third from the left, you can see what looks to be a surprisingly different Carolina Hurricanes jersey.

h/t Josh Wilson (@moomdesigns)

The white stripes from the home Reebok jersey now look to be flanked by black stripes, with the bottom portion extending to the bottom of the waist/sleeves. It’s also unclear whether or not there is something in the red portion of the waist/sleeve striping, but there is a chance the warning flags could make their triumphant return.

Below are a few tweets from the Canes with the jersey details, which you can also check out on the Canes website.

And the promotional video, starring Jaccob Slavin:

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

P.S. Oh yeah, you can pre-order one HERE along with a commemorative 20th Anniversary patch.