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Introducing Canes Country on Instagram (And How to Find Us During the Draft)

Come hang out with us on our new social media site (and over at the old ones too).

If you follow Canes Country on Twitter, you may have seen this come across your timeline last week:

Coming soon..... Canes Country on Instagram, give us a follow!

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We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Instagram site. Give us a follow over there, and here are a few things you should expect to see in the upcoming weeks.

First off, and the reason we’ve timed the launch for now: Peter and I are covering the NHL Draft this weekend, and in addition to the regular draft coverage we’ll have an opportunity to use Instagram to share a few sights from Chicago.

We expect to share photos from upcoming Canes events such as Summerfest and the prospect camp, practices and training camp, shots from in and around the arena and at fan and community events, along with daily interactions that remind us why it’s fun to be a Canes fan.

Additionally, we want our readers to be an active part of our Instagram page. If you have an Instagram account and have something Canes-related you’d like to share, tag us and we’ll share it on our page (always with appropriate credits, of course).

As for our other social media accounts, we’ll continue to use Twitter (@CanesCntrySBN) and Facebook (Canes Country) as we always have, to share our articles and to pass along news and interesting information from across the league.

At the draft, we’ll have coverage of the picks (including Facebook Live, where possible, with the players when they come to the podium), along with media availabilities with general manager Ron Francis, scouting director Tony MacDonald, and others involved with the Hurricanes’ draft process. If the Canes make a deal, you’ll find out as soon as we know. You’ll likely also see us taking questions and sharing our thoughts on Facebook Live chats throughout the weekend, so brace yourself for that now.

Here’s how to find and follow us. Hope to see you on the socials.