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Storm Advisory for July 10: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

In the competition to improve in the Metro, the Hurricanes are in pole position. And Alex Semin styles and profiles at Alex Ovechkin’s wedding.

Reading Assignments

  • Sean Tierney put together a tweet thread discussing goals above replacement value added or lost this offseason. The Hurricanes top the list by any metric. [@ChartingHockey]
  • In the same vein, here’s a look at where the Metro teams are trending in the early days of preparing for next season. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • The composer of “Brass Bonanza” died recently in Belgium. Here’s a look back at the classic tune that remains a cult favorite to this day. [@jacobscourant, and a 2010 story about the song]
  • Some seriously weird stuff went down this weekend at Alex Ovechkin’s wedding. Alexander Semin as Vince McMahon (and/or Ric Flair)? Sure, why not? [Russian Machine Never Breaks]