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Storm Advisory for July 16: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

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The early bird gets the worm, or saves some cash, or maybe signs Jaromir Jagr.

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Only a couple of days remain to register for the Canes 5K with the early-bird discount!
  • This is fascinating: an inside look at the arbitration process and why it’s frequently treated as an absolute last resort. [The Athletic ($)]
  • What teams are heavy on star power, and how does the presence of those players impact a team’s championship aspirations? [The Hockey News]
  • Griffin Reinhart and Brendan Leipsic are the two newest Golden Knights with new contracts. [Golden Knights]
  • And here’s a plea for the New Jersey Devils to do likewise with Jaromir Jagr. [All About the Jersey]